Dutch Shepherd, Belgian Malinois Sales
Owner/Trainer: Dominic Rozzi
Email: dominic@detectordognortheast.com

Protection Sports Association

The NVBK (National Verbond van Belgische Kynologen) was started 35 years ago as a result of heated discussions among the St. Hubertus kennel club members regarding standards. The result was a group of the St Hubertus members broke off and the NVBK standards were created with only regard to working character and without concern for conformation or beauty. The rest of the article is an overview of the requirements of each event in Belgian Ring and how they are judged (point system included!). The NVBKs Belgian Ring until this point has had very limited resources for us in English to explore and appreciate the value of it as a sport or suitability test.

Dominic Rozzi is a veteran police officer who has been involved in all aspects of police dog training and selection. He has been breeding the belgian malinois for fifteen years and just recently added the dutch shepherd to his facility. He has supplied dogs for all levels of law enforcement including state and munincipal police departments, game warden service, department of corrections and search and rescue, he also has supplied dogs for arson and explosives detection.

Our breeding program offers sound, social, driven puppies to become the partner you need at home and on the job. We have references available on some of the best working dogs in the area. We also have the resources to import some of the best sport, police or foundation stock available.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.